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Diagnostic Imaging Associates provide a seamless 24/7 radiology solution. . Our onsite and teleradiology services provide a central hub for the facility's imaging needs. Diagnostic Imaging Associates ability to always provide the right services at the right time for the right price gives our customers the satisfaction that they can rely on Diagnostic Imaging Associates to provide accurate, timely reports to our facilities.

  •  Stat Tracker

    Our Stat Tracker allows are facilities to inform our radiologists when important, timely studies are needed to be read within 1 hour

  •   Radiologist Hotline and Customer Support Hotline

    A radiologist can be accessed 24/7 to go over any studies. Our IT department can be reached 24/7 to go over any IT issues that need to be discussed.

  •  Our Radioligist

    Our radiologists are U.S.-based, AOBR and ABR board certified radiologists. We choose skilled radiologists who are courteous and helpful, because we know there is more to teleradiology service than a typed report. Your patients and practice are in our hands and we take that seriously.